For nearly 25 years Changebridge Productions has been a division of SGW Integrated Marketing Communications. In 2016 we re-organized the division, made significant investments in equipment, our facilities and people, and successfully launched Changebridge Productions as an independent video production company. 

Through the years, we've created the commercials, videos, social media posts, multi-media presentations and animation used in all of SGW’s integrated strategies and distribution touchpoints.   

Our working philosophy is simply to operate smarter, faster and more efficiently for our clients.  And while we’re very proud of the hundreds of creative awards we’ve won over the years, we’re much prouder for the successful results we deliver for our clients.

* Production                                                      * Casting / Talent
• Videography                                                   * Hair / Makeup

* Lighting                                                           * Wardrobe / Props

* Editing / Post Production                              * Set Design

* Animation                                                       * Location Scouting

* Audio                                                               • Concepts

* Voice Overs                                                     * Storyboards

* Music Composition / Search                         * Scripts

Cyc Wall

On Location

Acoustically Treated Video Studio

Set Design

On Location

Set Design

219 Changebridge Road

Montville, NJ 07045



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